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A unique RPG experience set in an expansive lore filled world.

Undead Castle Asher

Concept Art



Far into the future, secluded and bordered by the undead, the land of Unden faces constant threat.

Unden is ruled by the Devotion, a religious monarchy lasting for over 3000 years. The monarchy is threatened constantly by the Revolution aka the Revolt. The undead are more a nuisance than a threat, but they are still considered very dangerous. There is no cure or solution for the spread of the undead and once someone dies they will come back unless properly disposed of.

Unden is a country thousands of years old, with the peaceful Devotion monarchy that seems too powerful to topple or appose. The founder, Roman Haas, left behind strict religion and documented his life and laws through the Devont, the Devotions bible. This land of Unden, rich with history, will make a fantastic play world for our game, the Undead Castle.

Unden Valley is a region in Unden with mountains surrounding a large open area and two cities, Ryhart and Oltin, at either end of the valley. These cities are iconic and ancient. Ryhart is threatened by the Revolt early in our game and a hero must arise. Asher is the servant of the baron of Ryhart, Edwin Bernal.

Asher knows very little of his destiny, but the deity Agape sees that he holds the future of Unden in his fate. She communicates with him and instructs him to do her works for the betterment of the kingdom. He is properly motivated, but we will save that bit for later, so as not to spoil the story in the game.


Genre: Action RPG

Release Date: TBA

Developer: Broken Limits Media

Talking Bear: Yes

The Undead Castle